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UPS Contract Negotiations Update
Updated On: Dec 12, 2017
Mark Davison, President of Teamsters Local 162 and JC37 Negotiating Committee Chairman, addressing the Union's negotiating committee during a Union caucus at the JC37 UPS Negotiations held on November 28 in Portland.

Contract Negotiations Update

Local 162 President Mark Davison chaired the Joint Council 37 UPS negotiations which took place on November 28, 29 and 30 in Portland.  These negotiations focused on the provisions contained in the Joint Council 37 Package and Sort Rider contracts.  The Union’s proposals were formulated based on member input from contract surveys and our members stated priorities.  There was extensive screening of the proposals by your Union’s leadership, and at the end of the day, the proposals are all based on our combined experience enforcing and administering the current contract. 

The Company did not enter negotiations with their usual long wish list of takeaways.  Instead, the Company proposals are all focused on workweek and scheduling flexibility.  Including greater flexibility for covering weekend ground work on Saturday’s and Sunday’s.  The Union made comprehensive information requests from the Company as their proposals were vague and very broad.  Your Union negotiating committee rejected the Company proposals in their present form.  We have reserved future judgment and our next response based on the answers and information the Company provides us.  Negotiations will resume on December 28 and 29. 

Negotiations at the Western Region took place in late October and were much of the same.  The Company proposals would remove the current Article 20 language on employee workweeks and scheduling in the Western Supplement.  Western Chair Andy Marshall is leading those negotiations.  No progress was made on any issues.  The Company was unable to explain how their proposals would even work.  This led to contentious negotiations to say the least.  Negotiations for the National contract will start on January 22, 2018.  We will keep you updated as they evolve.  It is important that members remain united behind your Union leadership.  This contract will be bargained at the negotiating table, not on the internet.  We will keep you informed as we work hard to secure the best possible agreement for our members.   

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