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What to Know About Full-Time 22.4 Jobs at UPS in Joint Council 37
Updated On: Aug 17, 2018

There is a great deal of misinformation about the newly negotiated full-time 22.4 combinations jobs at UPS.  All three of the tentative agreements covering our area contain language pertaining to the 22.4 jobs.  The Joint Council 37 Package and Sort Riders cover all Teamsters working at UPS in all of Oregon including Local 483 in Boise, Idaho and their surrounding areas.  Local Unions' 58, 162, 206, 324, 483, 670 and 962, are all covered under the Joint Council 37 Riders at UPS.  

Get the facts...and please review the attached document.  

What to know about full-time 22.4 jobs at UPS in Joint Council 37…


  • Public appetite for e-commerce has changed the delivery business.  If UPS does not deliver on the weekends the non-Union competition has and will continue to grow.    

  • As the non-Union competition grows so will their market share, in both weekend volume and critical Monday through Friday volume.  22.4 jobs will allow UPS to recapture lost volume and grow the business. 

  • Must protect Teamster jobs and allow UPS to remain competitive.  As weekend delivery jobs grow so will jobs throughout UPS operations.

  • Regular package car drivers (RPCD), with rare exception, do not want to work on the weekends.

Facts on 22.4 Jobs

  • 22.4 combinations jobs are a new full-time job classification that performs both inside work and ground delivery work on Tuesday through Saturday or Wednesday through Sunday schedules. 

  • 22.4 combination employees can only be implemented in areas with Saturday or Sunday ground delivery.

  • 22.4 jobs are full-time* jobs with full time benefits.  The top 22.4 rate by the end of the five year contract will be $34.79 per hour.

                    *Nearly every area of the country currently has part-time employees who perform full-time ground work with part-time benefits and an hourly wage as low as $18.75                         per hour. Most of those areas refer to these employeeas part-time cover drivers or utility drivers, they are not full-time.    

  • 22.4 jobs expand full-time job opportunities for part-time employees.  As weekend work expands the number of 22.4 jobs will grow, including in smaller hubs unable to create 22.3 inside jobs because they lack back to back shifts. 

  • 22.4 jobs are limited to 25% of RPCD.  This maintains promotions into top paying RPCD jobs and protects core Monday through Friday RPCD jobs.  As Monday through Friday work grows so will RPCD jobs.  As RPCD retire, attrite or promote to other jobs such as feeder, the protected RPCD positions must be filled.

  • Where 22.4 jobs are implemented RPCD job numbers are red circled with weekly guarantees and layoff protections.  Joint Council 37 has additional language protecting RPCD seniority rights and layoff protections. 

  • If 22.4 employees are working in a building then all RPCD are protected by the 9.5 provisions of Article 37.1c of the National Master, regardless of years of service or the route they hold.  This expands RPCD rights to the National 9.5 language on excessive overtime. 

  • 22.4 employees will have the right to seek relief from excessive overtime under the provisions of Article 19 of the Western Region Supplement.  Part-time cover/utility drivers have never been protected by this provision. 

  • Over an 18 month period RPCD on a Tuesday through Saturday schedule will be transitioned back to a Monday through Friday.

  • RPCD job openings filled from the inside with no 6 for 1 ratio.  22.4 can promote to RPCD and get to top RPCD rate with progression credit for time working as a 22.4. 


  • RPCD have first rights to extra overtime work such as scheduled days off and holidays, before a 22.4 is offered extra work.

  • RPCD routes and unassigned RPCD must be dispatched prior to any driving work being dispatched to a 22.4. 

  • RPCD still protected with first rights to feeder promotions. 

  • 22.4 can’t perform feeder shifting unless mutually agreed by the Company and Local Union.  Same practice as 22.3 jobs. 


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