Teamsters Local 162
Political Action

Political Action

Our rights and benefits as Teamsters and working people often depend on laws and government policies. What we gain at the bargaining table can be taken away by the stroke of a politicians pen and therefore requires your Union and our members to be actively engaged in the political process to protect those hard fought gains.  Corporations and other interest groups have a great deal of influence over government actions.  By joining together with other working people and organizations who share our concerns, we can balance out the power of those who seek to limit our collective strength. Through your Union, and our Teamster DRIVE political action committee, we are active in the political process in order to fight for important issues such as:

  • Stronger workers' rights, including the right to organize a Union without employer interference, to have a safe and healthful place to work, and to be protected from discrimination of any kind.
  • Affordable health care for all.
  • Fair trade policies that create and preserve good jobs in the United States and that bring up workers' conditions in other countries instead of lowering ours.
  • Fair tax policies that make corporations pay their share.
  • Benefits working people deserve, such as Pensions, Social Security, Medicare, unemployment compensation, disability and workers' compensation.

How You Can Get Involved

  • Register and make an informed vote. Encourage your family, neighbors, and friends to register and make an informed vote, too.
  • Take an active part in elections. Staff phone banks, canvass neighborhoods, and distribute campaign material to promote our pro worker issues and pro labor endorsed candidates.
  • Contribute to the Teamster political action fund DRIVE - "Democratic Republican Independent Voter Education".  By contributing just $1 per week, less than a cup of coffee, you help give working people a voice in the political and legislative process. Contact Local 162 to sign up for Teamster DRIVE. 

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