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UPS Contract Explanation Meetings - Union Sets the Record Straight and Recommends Contracts
Updated On: Aug 21, 2018

Teamsters Local 162 held UPS contract explanation meetings at our Union hall on August 18 and 20.  All of the tentative agreements were fully reviewed including an extensive and detailed discussion on the new 22.4 combination jobs.  Members in attendance actively participated in the discussion and were very supportive of the Union's recommendation once they understood all of the tentative agreements. 

Some members had arrived at the meeting with a pre determined no vote based on what they had heard from others and read on the internet, but they left the meeting commenting to the Union and others that they were now voting yes.  

For members who were unable to attend the meetings we encourage you to contact us here at the Local so we can address your questions and/or concerns about the tentative agreements.  We continue to stress the importance of every member participating in the process and avoiding misinformation on social media and other outside sources. 

Local 162 is fully recommending that our members vote yes on the National Master, Western Region Supplement and Joint Council 37 Package and Sort Riders.  We sincerely believe, when taken as a whole, this is a good contract for our members and your families, and that it is worthy of your support and vote.  They are all good contracts that provide industry leading health care, pension, wages, job security and working conditions.  

Ballots are tentatively scheduled to be mailed late in the week of September 10.  The ballot package will include copies of all tentative agreements and voting instructions.  We will keep you informed as the process moves forward.

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