Teamsters Local 162
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Secretary Treasurer

Bob Sleight

Bob is a 42 year Teamster.  He got his start as a Shop Steward and Union activist in the Teamsters Local 162 grocery and warehousing industry at Rudie Wilhelm.  As Secretary-Treasurer and Principal Officer of Local 162 he is in charge of the administrative, operational and financial decisions of the Local. 

Bob oversees and assists in all Local Union contract negotiations, enforcement and reviews all grievance cases prior to arbitration.  He is President of Union Plaza  and oversees the administration and finances of the Plaza.  He is a Trustee on the Joint Council #37 Executive Board, and is an Alternate Trustee on the Oregon Teamsters Employers Health and Welfare Trust (OTET).

Bob has been involved in numerous organizing campaigns and strike actions, assisting his fellow brothers and sisters in their fight for Unionism.  He served on Local 162’s Executive Board as Vice President of Local 162 in 1995 until 1997, a full-time Local 162 Business Agent from 1997 through 2002, President from 2002 through 2009 and is currently Secretary-Treasurer of Local 162 since January 2010. 


Mark Davison

As Local 162 President, Mark Davison presides over all meetings of the Union and assists the Secretary-Treasurer in the day to day operations of the Local, in contract negotiations, Business Agent training and the arbitration committee.   

Mark serves on the Teamsters/UPS National and Western Region Negotiating Committees.  He is Chairman of the Teamsters/UPS Negotiating and Grievance Committee for Joint Council 37 covering Teamster members working at UPS in all of Oregon and parts of Idaho.  He negotiates and enforces numerous collective bargaining agreements throughout the Local in the package, international air freight, beverage, and general warehousing and trucking industries. He serves on the board of Union Plaza, is a Trustee of the Oregon Teamster Employers Trust and is Chairman of the UPS Retirees Subsidy Fund.  He also serves as a Trustee on the board of the Teamsters Western Region and New Jersey Health Care Fund.  

Mark started at UPS in 1994, worked the preload, was an air driver and served as a Local 162 Shop Steward.  He comes from a family of Union activists in the UAW, Machinist, Transit, Teamsters, Butchers and Painters Unions.  He served honorably in the U.S. Army, is an honors graduate from Portland State University, and former intern for US Senator Ron Wyden.  He was a rep at Joint Council 37 and Editor of the Oregon Teamster newspaper from 2000-2003.  Mark was a full-time Local 162 Business Agent from 2003 through 2009 and is currently President of Local 162 since January 2010.

Mark works closely with all Business Agents overseeing UPS representation at Local 162 and also handles the day to day representation for package car drivers working at the UPS Swan Island and Alderwood facilities.  

Business Agent

Bill Elzie

Bill Elzie is a full-time Business Agent and Political Coordinator at Local 162. His current jurisdiction for representing Local 162 members includes manufacturing, construction, food service, and general warehousing and trucking.  A truck driver by trade, Bill served honorably in the U.S. Army as a heavy truck driver. He was initiated into Local 162 in 1979 as a peak season driver at UPS. In 1980 he went on to work at Ross Island Sand and Gravel as a concrete mixer driver until becoming a Local 162 Business Agent in 1996. He was a Shop Steward from 1985-1996 and a Trustee on the Executive Board from 1990-1996.

Bill is active in the labor community and is a delegate to the Columbia Pacific Building Trades Council and NW Labor Council. He also serves on the board of the Teamsters Council #37 Federal Credit Union. Bill's favorite part of his duties are his job site visitations with Local 162 members.

Business Agent

Ben Vedus

Ben Vedus is a full-time Business Agent at Local 162. Ben was initiated into Local 162 in March 1979 when he was hired at UPS as a part-time hub employee while attending Portland State University.  He was appointed a Local 162 Shop Steward in 1980 and served in this critical roll for nearly 27 years, both as a part-time employee and later when he went full-time as a result of the historic 1997 strike at UPS, which resulted in the creation of thousands of full-time inside jobs across the country.  He was tapped numerous times over the years by Local 162 to serve on the JC37 Teamsters/UPS negotiating committee.  Ben represents all part-time and full-time inside employees working at the UPS Swan Island facility and Alderwood facility.  Ben also serves on the National UPS Cartage Negotiating Committee and the Business Agent for members working at the UPS Cartage facility at the Portland airport.  

Business Agent

Mike Mayo

Mike Mayo is a full-time Business Agent and also previsously served as a Trustee on the Local 162 Executive Board and a Shop Steward in the building materials and construction industry.  Mike represents members in the freight, beverage, general warehousing and trucking industries.  He also takes on organizing campaigns when employees at non-represented companies want to be Teamsters.   

Business Agent

Mike Van Orsow
Mike Van Orsow is a full-time Business Agent at Local 162.  Mike worked at UPS as a full-time package driver and served as a Local 162 Shop Steward for nearly 20 years.  Mike represents all UPS employees working at the UPS Tualatin and Beaverton facilities.  He is also the Business Agent for all drivers and ramp employees at the Portland DHL Express facility.  

Business Agent

Don Greene
Don Greene is a Business Agent at Local 162 and previously served as a Union Representative and Recording Secretary on the Local 162 Executive Board.  Don worked at UPS for over 30 years, served as a long time shop steward and was a feeder and package driver.  His representational duties focus on the trucking industry.  

Vice President

Jamarsae Brown

Jamarsae Brown is Vice President of Local 162 and previously served as a Trustee on the Local 162 Executive Board.  Jamarsae is a package driver at UPS and is a hard working and dedicated Shop Steward.  He serves on the Joint Council 37 UPS Negotiating Committee and assists in contract proposal and ratification meetings for members working at various companies throughout the Local's jurisdiction. 

Recording Secretary

Walt Lawson

Walt Lawson is Recording Secretary on the Local 162 Executive Board.  Walt works as a feeder driver at UPS.  Walt continues to serve as a shop steward, a position he has held for over 20 years.  Walt also serves on the JC37 Teamsters/UPS Package and Sort Rider negotiating committee.  


Joe Simon

Joe Simon is a Trustee on the Local 162 Executive Board.  Joe is a driver at Coca Cola, has been a Teamster since 1988 and is a Local 162 Shop Steward.  Joe sits on the Union's negotiating committee at Coca Cola and assists in contract proposal and ratification meetings for members working at various companies throughout the Local's jurisdiction. 


Will Balch

Will Balch is a Trustee on the Local 162 Executive Board.  Will has worked at Oregon Transfer since 1993, is a Local 162 member since 1992 and is a Shop Steward.  He serves on the Local 162/Oregon Transfer negotiating committee and attends contract proposal and ratification meetings for members working at various companies throughout the Local's jurisdiction. 

Andy Postles

Andy Postles is a line driver at USF Reddaway and a member of Teamsters Local 162 for over 25 years. 

Bobby Rispler

Bobby is a full-time package driver for UPS and a Local 162 Shop Steward at the Swan Island building.  

Sergeant At Arms

Dan Aragona

Dan Aragona is a shop steward and part-time hub employee at UPS at the Portland Swan Island facility. Dan also served on the Joint Council 37 Negotiating Committee for the 2018-2023 UPS contract.  

Keith Beck
Keith is a Shop Steward and truck driver at Coca Cola Refreshments in Wilsonville, Oregon. 

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