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    Teamsters Local 162 is a democratic trade union established in 1903 in PortlandOregon, by wagon drivers who joined together for better hours and working conditions.   Those early Teamsters and the labor movement as a whole fought the early battles for the 8 hour work day, the weekend, overtime compensation and workplace safety.  Future generations of Teamsters ushered in the era of pensions and health care for workers.  The Teamsters Union is proud of our role as a strong voice in the American workplace and while we strive to protect our hard fought gains we are always looking to improve upon them.    

    Local 162 has an experienced group of full-time officers and legal team that administrate, negotiate and enforce Collective Bargaining Agreements on behalf of over 5,100 active Local 162 members working for employers in the private sector.  We represent workers in the freight industry, package delivery, intermodal, soft drink and beer, food distribution, construction, manufacturing, grocery and general warehousing and trucking.  If you bought it in the Portland area there is a good chance at one point it was handled or delivered by a Teamsters Local 162 member. 

    What we do is simple.  Represent our members to the fullest.  Expand our membership by organizing the unorganized.  And stay active in the political arena, because what we gain at the bargaining table can be taken away by the stroke of a politician’s pen.

    We are affiliated with Joint Council of Teamsters No. 37 based in Portland, Oregon, and are one of more than 400 Teamsters Local’s affiliated with the 1.3 million member strong International Brotherhood of Teamsters headquartered in Washington D.C.

    In Solidarity,

    Bob Sleight, Secretary Treasurer               Mark Davison, President

    Portland package drivers Delbert Childs and Paul Thomson are both retiring from UPS after long careers.  Delbert is a 40 year member of Local 162 and Paul is a 37 year member.  They will both collect generous and secure pensions from the Western Conference of Teamsters Pension Trust Fund.

    The new UPS facility in Hillsboro, Oregon is up and running.  The building opened as part of a major change of operations.  The Beaverton facility closed and all work and employees was moved to Hillsboro.  A number of package routes were also moved to Hillsboro from the Tualatin and Portland facilities.
    Download: Don Greene and Mike Van Orsow in Hillsboro preload.jpg

    Applications for the Teamsters Local 162 Legacy of Leadership Scholarship Fund are now available.  The Fund is awarding ten scholarships up to $1,500 each for graduating high school seniors (2019-2020 school year) who are the children or grandchildren of Local 162 members and who will be attending an accredited college or university (2020-2021 school year) .
    Download: FINAL 2019-2020 Legacy of Leadership Scholarship APPLICATION.pdf

    Local 162 President Mark Davison and Business Agent Mike Mayo report that on September 27, 2019, Local 162 members working at Univar Solutions overwhelmingly approved a new 4 year contract.  The contract covers drivers working at Univar in Portland and includes record wage and pension increases.

    Local 162 Business Agent Don Greene reports that the Local was successful in having a terminated driver from UNFI (formerly Supervalu) reinstated.  Greene had to present the case before a joint conference board, which is a step in the grievance procedure in the Local 162 contract.  UNFI is a supply chain distributor in the grocery industry.

    The Teamster Horsemen of JC37 are hosting a fundraiser for Autism on September 7th.  Please see the attached flyer for details.
    Download: Teamster Horsemen.pdf

    UPS Package Car Driver and Local 162 member Denise Byers was recently honored with UPS highest honor for 25 years of safe driving, its Circle of Honor.  Denise has been a Local 162 member and UPS driver since 1987.   "Denise has set a good example for safe driving, hard work and solid Teamster membership," said Local 162 President Mark Davison.

    All of the UPS contracts are now available online.  On the Local 162 website we have the JC37 Riders, West Region and National Master.  You can also download the UPS Rising phone app and have the contracts in a searchable format on your cellular phone.  Once we receive the printed contract books we will distribute them to the membership.
    Download: West Region Supplement UPS 2018-2023.pdf , 2018-2023 JC37 UPS Riders.pdf , 2018_2023_National_Master_UPS_Agreement.pdf

    Local 162 member and senior UPS feeder driver Brian Runyon was awarded a new sleeper team run.  He selected Local 162 member and feeder driver Julio Lopez as his B driver.  The run was created by taking work off the railroad under the new UPS contract.

    Local 162 has updated our UPS package driver survival guide to reflect changes in the new UPS contracts, which were fully ratified on April 29, 2019.   With a new five year contract that runs from August 1, 2018 thru July 31, 2023, comes our ongoing duty to lead, educate and unite our Teamster brothers and sisters.
    Download: 2019 Edition What's UPS Local 162 Package Driver Survival Guide.pdf

    The last remaining UPS supplement in Detroit was ratified by the members on April 28.  The IBT notified the Local Unions that the UPS contract is fully ratified and in effect starting April 29.  Once we have word on the timeline for the retro checks we will put that out to the membership.
    Download: 2018-2023 National Master UPS Agreement.pdf

    New provisions in the UPS contract on excessive overtime, which will take effect once the new contract is ratified, require the Union to circulate a list and collect the names of package drivers who wish to opt-in and be covered by the provisions of Article 37.1c of the National Master UPS Agreement.  If you want your name on the 9.
    Download: doc05502620190409155314.pdf

    Local 162 member Tim Hermens retired after 31 years of service as a package car driver at UPS and a long time shop steward.  Tim also served as the sergeant-at-arms at the monthly general membership meetings for Local 162.  He was a fixture at all Local 162 events and job actions and is a true trade unionist and loyal and strong Teamster.

    40 year Local 162 member Bill Anderson has retired from UPS.  Bill was a feeder driver, Union activist and regular attendee at Local 162 monthly general membership meetings.  We appreciate the loyalty and support Bill has always demonstrated to his Union and his dedication to his trade and craft at UPS.  Congratulations Bill!

    AFLAC OPEN ENROLLMENT Open enrollment for Local 162 members to sign up for Aflac insurance is taking place the entire month of March 2019.  At the request of Local 162 members, your Union leadership continues to negotiate group discounted rates with Aflac for accident, critical illness and hospital indemnity insurance.
    Download: Aflac Open Enrollment Notice 2019.pdf

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