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What's New at Teamsters 162
Filing a Portland Sick Time Complaint
The Portland Protected Sick Time Ordinance has raised a significant number of issues.  While most Local 162 employers have fully complied with the new law there are a few who have not fully embraced it. Oregon Bureau of Labor and Industries ("BOLI") is the agency handling compliance issues.  You can go to the BOLI website for more information. Read More...
Download: PDX Complaint Form FINAL.pdf
Pension Chairman Chuck Mack Issues Statement
Chuck Mack, Chairman of the Western Conference of Teamsters Pension Trust issued a statement on January 2, 2015 concerning the Multi-Employer Pension Reform Act of 2014.  The statement is attached for your review. Read More...
Download: January 2015 Notice From Chuck Mack.pdf
Grievances Over "Integrad" Driver Training Program at UPS
UPS has opened a new package car driver training facility in Portland known as "Integrad".  You are encourgaged to read the attached notice to Local 162 members concerning Integrad and to share your Integrad experiences with your Local 162 Business Agents. Read More...
Download: integrad notice 1-15-15.pdf , What's UPS Integrad.pdf
Don Jackson Stands Tall
Local 162 member Don Jackson was re-certified as a driver trainer in the feeder department in 2014.  Don is a 37-year Teamster and UPS feeder driver in Portland.  He is also in the Circle of Honor for more than 25-years of safe driving.  Don is training new drivers as part of the overall program to promote and train more full-time drivers. Read More...
"What's UPS" Feeder, Airport and Christmas Editions
Teamsters Local 162 publishes a newsletter to our members working at UPS.  The newsletter is called "What's UPS" and is published on a periodic basis.  This peak season at UPS has warranted a number of "What's UPS" including our annual Christmas edition. Read More...
Download: Whats UPS Christmas Edition.pdf , Whats UPS Feeder Edition.pdf , Whats UPS Airport Edition.pdf , Dale Hostler copy.jpg , Mike Mayo copy.jpg

Proud to be a Teamster

Teamsters Local 162 is a democratic trade union established in 1903 in Portland, Oregon, by wagon drivers who joined together for better hours and working conditions.   Those early Teamsters and the labor movement as a whole fought the early battles for the 8 hour work day, the weekend, overtime compensation and workplace safety.  Future generations of Teamsters ushered in the era of pensions and health care for workers.  The Teamsters Union is proud of our role as a strong voice in the American workplace and while we strive to protect our hard fought gains we are always looking to improve upon them.    

Local 162 has an experienced group of full-time officers and legal team that administrate, negotiate and enforce Collective Bargaining Agreements on behalf of over 4,900 active Local 162 members working for employers in the private sector.  We represent workers in the freight industry, package delivery, soft drink and beer, grocery and food distribution, construction, manufacturing, and general warehousing and trucking.  If you bought it in the Portland area there is a good chance at one point it was handled or delivered by a Teamsters Local 162 member. 

What we do is simple.  Represent our members to the fullest.  Expand our membership by organizing the unorganized.  And stay active in the political arena, because what we gain at the bargaining table can be taken away by the stroke of a politician’s pen.

We are affiliated with Joint Council of Teamsters No. 37 based in Portland, Oregon, and are one of more than 440 Teamsters Local’s affiliated with the 1.4 million member strong International Brotherhood of Teamsters headquartered in Washington D.C.

In Solidarity,

Bob Sleight, Secretary Treasurer               Mark Davison, President

Teamsters Local 162
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