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    Teamsters Local 162 is a democratic trade union established in 1903 in PortlandOregon, by wagon drivers who joined together for better hours and working conditions.   Those early Teamsters and the labor movement as a whole fought the early battles for the 8 hour work day, the weekend, overtime compensation and workplace safety.  Future generations of Teamsters ushered in the era of pensions and health care for workers.  The Teamsters Union is proud of our role as a strong voice in the American workplace and while we strive to protect our hard fought gains we are always looking to improve upon them.    

    Local 162 has an experienced group of full-time officers and legal team that administrate, negotiate and enforce Collective Bargaining Agreements on behalf of over 5,100 active Local 162 members working for employers in the private sector.  We represent workers in the freight industry, package delivery, intermodal, soft drink and beer, food distribution, construction, manufacturing, grocery and general warehousing and trucking.  If you bought it in the Portland area there is a good chance at one point it was handled or delivered by a Teamsters Local 162 member. 

    What we do is simple.  Represent our members to the fullest.  Expand our membership by organizing the unorganized.  And stay active in the political arena, because what we gain at the bargaining table can be taken away by the stroke of a politician’s pen.

    We are affiliated with Joint Council of Teamsters No. 37 based in Portland, Oregon, and are one of more than 400 Teamsters Local’s affiliated with the 1.3 million member strong International Brotherhood of Teamsters headquartered in Washington D.C.

    In Solidarity,

    Bob Sleight, Secretary Treasurer               Mark Davison, President

    The Teamsters National UPS Negotiating Committee has released the National Agreement in Principal and highlights of the agreement. If you have not registered for automatic updates you should do so on the UPS Rising website at
    Download: UPS National Agreement in Principal 2018-2023.pdf , UPS Contract Update and Highlights.pdf

    June 28, 2018 Dear Sisters and Brothers:  The Joint Council 37 Union Negotiating Committee comprised of Local Union officers and rank and file Teamster members from Locals 58, 162, 206, 324, 483, 670 and 962, reached a tentative agreement with UPS on June 27th in Portland, Oregon.  It was unanimously endorsed by all officers and members in attendance.
    Download: June 28 Notice JC37 UPS Update.pdf

    An update from the IBT on the national UPS negotiations is included with this contract update for your review. 
    Download: UPS Negotiations Update June 21 2018.pdf

    Teamsters Local 162 members working at Hydro Extrusions packed the Union Hall on Sunday, June 3rd to vote on a renewal four-year contract that contained record increases to wages and pension each year of the contract.
    Download: Hydro 2.jpg , Hydro 6.jpg , Hydro 4.jpg

    BALLOTS MAILED MAY 15th Nationwide, Teamsters Local Unions Approve Strike Authorization Vote On May 8th Local Unions from across the country voted to authorize a strike authorization vote of the UPS membership.  On May 15th the Teamsters International will begin mailing each of you a voting guide and voting instructions.
    Download: May 2018 What's UPS Strike Authorization Vote.pdf

    Joint Council 37 President Tony Andrews called a special meeting in Portland of Teamster officers and members to discuss the present status of the Western Conference of Teamsters Pension Trust and the Union's position on federal pension legislation under consideration in Congress.

    With the contract set to expire on July 31st your Union leadership has spent the majority of 2018 at the bargaining table with UPS.  Non-economic agreements to modify the contract have been reached on numerous language issues in all three of the contracts covering Local 162 members.

    Local 162 Business Agent Mike Mayo has been conducting ongoing educational meetings with Swire Coca Cola merchandisers.  These meetings are intended to build Teamster unity among a group of employees that are spread out across a major portion of Oregon and S.W. Washington.  Merchandisers rarely get an opportunity to come together and Mayo has made it a priority to reach out to them.

    Local 162 is holding UPS accountable with Class Action grievances on understaffing.  Growth in Portland, both in population and e-commerce, is leading to continued and unprecedented growth of driving jobs at UPS.  In the Local 162 represented feeder department UPS has a stated a target of at least 47 new feeder driving jobs.

    Teamsters Local 162 members George Meadows and Ken Lopez both honorably served lengthy tours of duty in the Army including service in Iraq while employed at UPS. They returned from active duty in 2009 and both received promotions to full-time package driving jobs and are now full-time feeder drivers at the UPS facility in Portland, Oregon.

    Teamsters Local 162 members at DHL Express in Portland, and Teamsters working at DHL Express throughout the United States, overwhelminigly ratified a new national contract.   In a major show of unity for the strong contracts that were negotiated, Local 162 members voted 100% to ratify all DHL contracts, including the National, Regional and Local Riders.
    Download: Garry and Don.jpg , Bob and David.jpg , Dave Bob and Garry.jpg , Mark and Bay.jpg , Local 162 DHL Teamsters.jpg , Local 162 DHL Members.jpg

    John Ramsey, chief shop steward and truck driver at the Coca Cola distribution center in Wilsonville, Oregon, is retiring.  John is a 42 year member of Teamsters Local 162 and also served as the Local 162 Conductor at the monthly general membership meetings.

    Contract Negotiations Update Local 162 President Mark Davison chaired the Joint Council 37 UPS negotiations which took place on November 28, 29 and 30 in Portland.  These negotiations focused on the provisions contained in the Joint Council 37 Package and Sort Rider contracts.

    Local 162 is opposed to the unilaterally implemented “70 hours in 8 days” workweek that UPS has imposed on package car drivers.  This was done without consulting with the Union and without our approval - two steps required under the law and your Union contract.
    Download: XMAS DRIVER WHATS UPS 2017.pdf

    Contracts often contain language that gives the Union the right to use important leverage to compel an Employer to pay health and welfare contributions in a proper and timely manner. In this case, full-time UPS Teamsters in Local 162 and throughout Joint Council 37, are covered by the Oregon Teamster Employers Trust for their health care benefits.
    Download: Health Care Shortage by UPS number 1.jpg , Health Care Shortage by UPS number 2.jpg

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