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Union Objects, Files Charges & Class Action...Driver Safety Committees Eliminated
Updated On: Dec 12, 2017

Local 162 is opposed to the unilaterally implemented “70 hours in 8 days” workweek that UPS has imposed on package car drivers.  This was done without consulting with the Union and without our approval - two steps required under the law and your Union contract.  Local 162 and Joint Council 37 have filed unfair labor practice charges against UPS with the National Labor Relations Board and a Class Action grievance over the issue.  IBT General President James P. Hoffa, and IBT Package Director Denis Taylor, have both taken a strong stand against UPS and the roll-out of the 70-hour workweek.  President Hoffa blasted UPS CEO David Abney in a widely circulated letter on December 4.  Your Union is taking a stand for your health and safety and for your Union rights. 

UPS claims to be concerned about employee health and safety and they claim to have a partnership with Local 162 and our rank and file Union safety committees.  Nothing could be further from the truth when it comes to worker safety, as they sought no input from the Union or our safety committees.  It was a decision made by the top UPS brass in Atlanta and implemented by local management.  UPS is making a mockery of our safety committees by imposing a 70-hour workweek.  Local 162 gave UPS a full week’s notice and warning that if they did not cease and desist with the 70-hour workweek we would have no choice but to eliminate the safety committees and take other action.  UPS ignored the warning and again imposed the 70-hour workweek for a second week in a row.   We will no longer participate in a one sided and hypocritical system where UPS says one thing when it comes to employee safety but does another.  Effective immediately Local 162 has eliminated all package driver and feeder driver safety committees.  This was not a decision taken lightly.  We have consulted with every driver shop steward and your experienced team of full-time Union leadership.  They are all 100% in support of this decision.  This same decision was previously made in the hubs many months ago and it remains so today. 

Addressing Safety Issues Going Forward:  If you identify a safety related issue such as equipment problems, poor job setup, understaffing, egress, etc.  Immediately notify your management team.  Document what the safety issue is, who you spoke with, including the date and time.   If it is not an emergency give management no longer than five days to respond to your concern.  If you are not satisfied with management’s response or they fail to respond you can file a general health and safety grievance under Article 18 of the National Master.  Grievance forms are available from your Local 162 Business Agent, Shop Steward or on our website at  


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