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Local 162 is Holding UPS Accountable with Class Action Grievances on Understaffing
Posted On: Apr 03, 2018
Local 162 is holding UPS accountable with Class Action grievances on understaffing.  Growth in Portland, both in population and e-commerce, is leading to continued and unprecedented growth of driving jobs at UPS.  In the Local 162 represented feeder department UPS has a stated a target of at least 47 new feeder driving jobs.  This represents a 25% increase in the top paying truck driving jobs in the industry.  Emergency sign-up lists were posted for a two week period and the Company will be drawing package drivers from those lists once the December 2017 lists are exhausted.  Package drivers with one year or more of safe driving will be called first and drivers with less than one year safe driving will be called last.  If you missed the emergency sign-up period contact Local 162 and we will get you end tailed to the emergency lists.  If you have any questions about feeder promotions and the great working conditions in the Portland feeder department please call Local 162 Union Representative Don Greene or President Mark Davison at (503) 257-0162.  
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