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Attention Local 162 UPS Members - Ballots Have Arrived in Portland! Make Your Voice Heard!
Posted On: Sep 14, 2018

Dear Local 162 UPS Member: 

Local 162 members at UPS in Portland have reported that they have received their ballots to ratify the proposed 5 year contract and have already started casting their ballots.  

One of the most fundamental rights a worker has as a member of a democratic trade Union is your right to have your voice heard to either approve or reject the negotiated contracts.  That voice is silenced when you do not exercise your right to vote.

There has been an unprecedented level of misinformation circulated about the terms of the proposed contracts.  For the record, what has been negotiated clearly surpasses any previous contract offers, including the gains from the strike of 1997. 

We started these negotiations armed with the priorities set by our membership.  Health and welfare benefits have not only been protected, for both actives and retirees, we improved upon them. Your pension is safe and secure. 

The wage increases for all employees are higher than the previous agreement.  The part-time starting rate will increase by 50% by the 4th year of the new contract (the strike of 1997 only improved the part-time starting rate by $0.50 cents per hour).  We protected the $15.00 per hour market rate adjustment for current part-time employees with an additional $4.15 per hour in general wage increases.  Wage progression was improved for package and feeder drivers and we made sure a strong wage and job protections were negotiated for covering the weekend delivery work to compete with the non-Union competition. 

Why is Local 162 recommending a yes vote on the contracts?  We have put the interests of our members and your families at the forefront of everything we have done on your behalf in these negotiations.  We all started at UPS and we have never forgotten where we came from.  The contracts are full of improvements for both part-time and full-time.  It would be reckless for Local 162 to politicize these negotiations and put politics ahead of your future.  Let’s be honest, our contracts provide industry leading wages, benefits and working conditions.  We are second to none and these contracts secure that for another five years. 

Please take the time to read the offer when your ballot package arrives.  Consider your options, our recommendation, and make an informed decision.  We stand ready to answer any questions you may have, and we will support any decision the membership makes in regards to the outcome of the vote.

Fraternally, Teamsters Local Union No. 162

Mark Davison, President            Ben Vedus, Business Agent            Mike Van Orsow, Business Agent

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