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Joint Council 37 UPS Update
Updated On: Mar 19, 2020

During a national IBT conference call held earlier today, it was announced that UPS and the IBT entered into an agreement to compensate employees affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.  The overall understanding is to allow for up to 10 days of paid leave for employees diagnosed with COVID-19 and/or impacted by their individual or immediate family member quarantine.  The agreement is signed by IBT Package Division Director Denis Taylor and UPS Labor Relations President Lindsay Marshall.  That agreement is attached to this article.  A summary from document is also attached to this article.  

In addition, Ted Bunstine in Washington's Joint Council 28, and Mark Davison in Oregon's Joint Council 37, also participated in a seperate conference call with UPS NW District President Joe Braham earlier today.   The Union had objected to UPS supervisors getting on car with drivers during a time when CDC guidelines call for social distancing.  Clearly, those guidelines can't be adhered to with a supervisor in the passenger seat.  We are pleased to report that UPS responded and that under no circumstances will a supervisor be on car with a driver.  

Bunstine and Davison also addressed ongoing and much needed cleaning in the facilities, especially high touch areas, and the necessary restocking of cleaning supplies in the facilities and employee lunch rooms and restrooms.  Workers in UPS facilities are understandably concerned about COVID-19 while they sort packages, take breaks and lunch and wash their hands.  We requested ongoing and aggressive cleaning and re-cleaning in the facilities.  UPS committed to working with the Union on the issues.  Inside workers at UPS sorts tens of thousands of packages daily in Washington and Oregon, many of which contain much needed medical and cleaning supplies.  While drivers are the face of UPS on the streets, inside workers play a critical role that is just as important.  

Bunstine and Davison also advocated for greater employee rights in the event of layoffs at UPS.  We will continue to monitor the staffing situation at UPS and respond appropriately.  

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