Teamsters Local 162
What's UPS Pandemic Edition
Updated On: Apr 23, 2020

Teamsters Local 162 has published its last edition of What's UPS and it was mailed to the homes of all  Local 162 members working at UPS.  What's UPS is just one of many ways that Local 162 communicates with its members at UPS.  Local 162 Business Agent Ben Vedus has taken on the added responsibility of coordinating safety issues for UPS employees throughout Joint Council 37.  All Local Unions in Joint Council 37 have been aggressive in their response to UPS to get the needed personal protective equipment for employees and the regular sanitation supplies and ongoing cleaning and maintenance that must take place regularly in the UPS hubs, package cars and tractors.  Ben Vedus and all Local 162 Business Agents with UPS representational responsibilities are on the daily regional safety calls with Northwest Teamster leaders and NW District UPS management, as ongoing communication and follow up is critical as this pandemic continues and new challenges present themselves and require attention.  


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